Legal Battle Brewing Over Larry Hagman’s Genie

Hagman seen here with his Genie. (Public Domain Photo)

Two legal powerhouses are currently duking it out in a Los Angeles court over who will gain ownership of an omnipotent, 3,000-year-old Genie originally discovered by Larry Hagman.

The famed law firm of Cravath, Swain and Moore, attorneys for Hagman’s estate, are defending their client’s claim to a magical lamp against a lawsuit filed by former president William Jefferson Clinton, who has retained the equally famous firm of Sullivan and Cromwell.

Scholars are predicting the trial will be a long and bitterly fought contest between the two firms.

In their opening statements, the defense argued that Hagman has a right to the genie forever because of his love for the genie, who — though actually a male– looks remarkably like the very feminine Barbara Eden.

Clinton’s attorneys countered with the unusual argument that the genie must escheat to the last living former president who really thought the Genie was hot.

Update: After a few hours of heated debate, the arguments ended abruptly at 10:07 a.m. when Clinton simply stole the bottle and ran away.

Clinton was last seen flying a giant carpet over the Washington D.C.