Hitler Fans Excited about New Hitler Shows on the Hitler Channel

Get ready for Fuhrer fever, Hitler fans.

The Hitler Channel announced its fall lineup Friday featuring 12 shows about the life and times of the brutal German Dictator, Adolf Hitler.

“We can’t get enough of this Hitler stuff ourselves,” said Alan Searce, channel president. “So it makes sense that the fans want it even more.”

“How many times can one person see a documentary about the Nuremberg Rallies or the fall of the Maginot Line or the annexation of Austria?”

“We all know the answer,” Searce added. “An infinite number of times.”

The Hitler Channel began broadcasting in 1995 with the philosophy of “All Hitler, All the Time.”

Originally named the History Channel, the channel changed its name in June 2011 to more accurately fit its programming.

“Oh, we’re not supporting him,” says Searce. “He was an evil man.”

“But we know what the history aficionados want. They want Hitler. In fact, our ratings are up 30 percent since we changed our name in June (of last year).”

Some of the planned shows included “Campaign of Terror,” an 82,202-episode series about Germany’s 1939 invasion of Poland; “Blitzkrieg,” a 700-hundred-hour documentary on the Nazi war machine; and “Hello, Hitler,” a new sitcom about what happens when Hitler wakes up after his suicide attempt to find himself in a small German Suburb in the year 2012.

Fan enthusiasm for the lineup is high.

Rachel Sorekensen of Sacramento has planned a Monday viewing party for the new Hitler Trivia Game, Nine Kampf, where players have nine chances to guess what page of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s racist manifesto, the host is reading from.

“You just get caught up in it,” Sorekensen said, holding a pennant with the letter H on it. “He was a bloodthirsty monster, and I can’t wait to watch every minute of every show about him.”

Professor Lewis Taylorington, head of the Yale History Department, said that it’s natural for people to be interested in the lives of brutal, heartless men.

“They are endlessly fascinating,” Taylor said. “By learning more about them, we learn more about the cold darkness inside us all.”

“I myself keep a picture of Emperor Hirohito on my nightstand.”

The success of the Hitler Channel has spawned a number of similar programs on rival networks including CBS’s the Mao Hour of Power, ESPN’s Putting with Pol Pot and HGTV’s At Home with Vlad the Impaler.

Even a handful of dictator-based channels have sprouted including: “Castro,” a channel about Cuba’s longtime ruler, and “Our Glorious Leader Kim Jong Ill is Not Dead” Channel (Broadcast in only in North Korea).

“It’s nice that other channels are copying us,” says Searce, standing in front of a poster with the logo of another upcoming show – a what-if science fiction thriller imagining World War II Germany with space travel technology — called the Reich Stuff. “And I wish them well.”

“But we all know the number one megalomaniacal tyrant who was first to capture everyone’s imagination.”

Some Other Upcoming Hitler programming

Gut Morgen with Hitler and Hitler

Making Time for Hitler

Death Struggle: Hitler’s invasion of Russia (447,140 episodes)

Hitler’s Last Gambit : The Battle of the Bulge (972,072 episodes)

Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler