Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins Denies Possibility of Intelligent Design Behind His Books

Richard Dawkins (Photo by Mike Cornwell at http://www.flickr.com/people/mrccos/)

Famed author and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins passionately denied any “intelligent design” behind his books Monday.

Dawkins — an outspoken atheist and author of a number of bestselling books including The God Delusion and The Greatest Show on Earth: Evidence for Evolution – has said that “any assertion that my work is the product of anything more than the random coming-together of subatomic particles is absurd.”

“Since everything we experience is the product of chance, we cannot trust our own thought processes,” Dawkins said in phone interview Tuesday. “As such, we must reject the idea that there is any so-called ‘intelligent design’ behind anything I’ve written.”

Dawkins said he felt he needed to respond to the “blatantly false theories” espoused by the People for Intelligent Design in Literature, a 4,000-member organization based in Southern California.

The organization’s stated goal is “promoting the idea that there is some kind of meaning behind Dawkin’s work.”

According to the organization’s website, there is “substantial evidence that ‘The Blind Watchmaker‘ and ‘The Selfish Gene‘ weren’t accidents.”

“There’s more to these works than just chance,” said Sarah Jacobs, the UCLA professor of Philosophy who founded the organization. “For example, each book starts with some things that might be called ‘premises’ and ends with other things that you could label ‘conclusions.’”

“Look at the top of each page,” she added. “There’s a even a collection of ink spatters that look almost like numbers!”

But Dawkins calls Jacob’s theory “naive and unscientific.”

He said, “While there could be temporary pockets of organization even in a universe where things become more disorganized over time, these people are grasping at straws if they are looking for any such organization in my work.”

“However,” Dawkins said, “there is one thing we are completely sure of — that evolution is objectively, completely and utterly true in every possible way: from its formation under the auspices of the random collection of particles we call Darwin until the present, it has been shown to never have any errors of any kind.”

“Anyone who denies even the slightest detail of the theory, or who mentions any of the numerous changes that have been made to it in order to try to make it more compatible with modern scientific evidence, is a know-nothing country hick and a Bible-thumping chowderhead.”

After a reporter asked Dawkins if there was anything else that could be considered objectively real and significant besides evolutionary theory, Dawkins said, “Yes, there is something else.”

“Royalty checks.”