Referee’s Conference in Baltimore Interrupted by Professional Football Players

On September 23 of every year a group of men who referee low level football games get together for some hi-jinks in the City of Baltimore, but this year their antics were rudely and repeatedly interrupted by huge men in football uniforms who called themselves the Ravens and the Patriots.

Referee’s Vote On Whether a Foul Occurred
Photo by Belinda Hankins Miller

Jon Sloan, head of the organization “Low Level Refs of America” said that he and about 7 or 8 other members of the group meet in Baltimore every year at M & T Bank Stadium and “just goof around” with a bunch of footballs and the sticks and chains.

Sloan explained the situation:

“You know, we do stuff like take the chains out on to the field at random times to take measurements when they aren’t needed and things like that.”

We have TV cameras record these long ridiculous arguments we have about the rules of football, and so on, and we usually watch them later at a big party we throw.  It usually takes us about five hours to do all the crazy things we do.

But this year, these huge rowdy guys kept running up and down the field, kicking, passing and running with the football as if we were not even there!

There was a massive crowd in the stands for some reason and they kept yelling at us to throw these little yellow flags we had.  But we were too afraid to thrown them because those guys looked so big and mean.

Finally, Freddy, who is sort of our group comedian, started throwing the little yellow flag he had just to see what would happen, so we all joined in and tried to throw our flags whenever he did to see if we could get the big players to slow down.  But that just seemed to make them madder and they kept fighting each other.  No way were we going to get in between two of those guys!”

When told that everyone thought they had been hired to professionally referee the football game between the Ravens and the Patriots on National TV, Sloan said “Oh no! You’ve got to be kidding.  We couldn’t do that successfully in a million years. But I am sure the other chapter of our club will do better out in Seattle on Monday night!”